1713 How Evolution Works

07.10.2017 - By Douchy's Biology

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This episode is about the mechanisms of evolution: Natural selection, genetic drift and gene flow, including the founder effect and genetic bottlenecks. Free voicemail http://biologyoracle.podomatic.com (click the orange button) email: [email protected] forum: www.facebook.com/biologypodcast Douchy's Website: http://www.evolveducation.com.au © 2017 Andrew Douch Please do not reproduce without permission. Disclaimers: 1. The explanations provided in this podcast are given in good faith but no responsibility will be taken for their accuracy. 2. The opinions expressed in this podcast are my own. They do not represent the opinions of the VCAA or any other organisation or government body. The song in this episode: "The Darwin Song" was produced by the BBC for its television show "Horrible Histories"

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