Episode 27: How I got a job at Spotify during a pandemic – Emma Bostian

09.29.2020 - By Software Engineering Unlocked

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In this episode, I talk to Emma Bostian, who recently started as a software engineer at Spotify. And Emma is the kind of person, that not only applies and interviews for jobs, but at the same time writes a complete book about her interviewing experience hunting for this dream job. This book sold so well, that she could pay back all her medical debt. Before joining Spotify, she worked for LogMeIn, and IBM. She won competitions and moved countries several times.

We talk about:
- her interview experience with Spotify and Google,
- her experience moving countries during a global pandemic,
- what makes for a great onboarding experience and
- how we can take action to make sure workplaces are friendly and welcoming.

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