How Just a Little Rest Can Change Your Life & Fascinating Stories You Never Knew

08.29.2019 - By Something You Should Know

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You know what customer service people really like? They like when you are nice to them. This episode begins with a magical phrase the next time you need a customer service person to go the extra mile for you. (Lori Jo Vest, author of Who’s Your Gladys?)
Your body needs to rest. Not just sleep - rest. And rest isn’t necessarily sitting on the couch watching television. There are different kinds of rest all of which are vital to your function and performance as a human being. Physician Dr. Matthew Edlund, author of the book The Power of Rest: Why Sleep Alone Is Not Enough ( joins me to talk about the importance of rest and how to do it for maximum effect. Dr. Edlund’s website is
Ever notice that you never quite look right in a selfie? Your face can sometimes look weird and distorted. That has to do with the camera lens in the phone and when you understand how that works, you can adjust how and where you are in the picture so you look like you actually look.
There are so many strange and fascinating stories you probably never heard like: the time the Soviets invaded Wisconsin or why the scoring system is tennis is so strange or the story of the guy who bought Green Bay Packer tickets by donating blood and it saved his life. Dan Lewis has been collection these stories for his book series Now I Know . His latest book is called Now I Know: The Soviets Invaded Wisconsin: And 99 More Interesting Facts, Plus the Amazing Stories Behind ( Listen as Dan shares some of his best stories. And to subscribe to his newsletter visit:
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