How to acknowledge wins without losing your hunger or competitive edge

09.06.2019 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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You and I are plagued with the same matter how hard we work, how much we accomplish, there is still a nagging feeling of "I gotta do more".   This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it causes you to be so hard on yourself that you don't give yourself encouragement, props, and kudos, it begins to eat away at your confidence.   You need to learn how to give yourself the right amount of praise without negatively impacting your hunger and drive. In this episode, I break down why.     Time Stamps:   (1:22) Are you this type of person? Do you have this mindset?   (6:28) New mindset: "I am a BEAST"   (7:04) New mindset: "I love results"   (7:21) New mindset: "My hunger always remains"   (7:46) New mindset: "I'll never fully satisfied off a win"   (8:12) New mindset: "Comfort should come from knowing I am a killa"   (8:42) New mindset: "Failure is an illusion"   (9:14) New mindset: "When I fail to hit a result, I am still worthy"   (9:35) New mindset: "The more I hunt, the more I kill"   (10:10) New mindset: "The bigger targets I set, the bigger results I get"   (10:39) Your game plan: Establish your standards.   (11:42) Your game plan: Identify your ideal hunting state of mind.   (12:22) Your game plan: Talk to yourself the way you need to be talked to.   (12:51) Your game plan: Nightly, keep inventory of wins, losses, and lessons.   (13:56) Your game plan: Find a coach to challenge you and reinforce you to make the night actions.   (15:28) Your game plan: Accept compliments, then wash and rinse.   (16:07) Your game plan: Habitually ignore the infected compliments.   (16:35) Your game plan: Spend time around absolute beasts.   Step your game up and be coached by me at (Deadline is October 15th, 2019)

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