#59. How To Action Without Distraction

04.17.2022 - By A Voice and Beyond

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How often do you begin an important task and then you suddenly find yourself standing in front of the coffee machine just five minutes later. Ask yourself, do you feel as though you are going nowhere fast. Instead of moving forward, it feels like you're stagnating and could be doing so much more with your life is the amount of time you're spending distracted amongst all the chaos and the drama far greater than the time you're being productive. In today's episode, we are going to figure out why you may be distracted and I will share some simple ideas that you can use to manage your day. In this episode 1:10 - Do you get distracted often?  2:15 - Take time out to release and reset 4:37 - Check in on your progress to stay focused  6:40 - Cultivate a disciplined mindset 9:38 -  Take charge and develop purposeful habits

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