How to Be Smarter with Your Time

02.23.2021 - By Mind Love • Modern Mindfulness to Think, Feel and Live Well

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We will learn:

Some of the biggest traps that are stealing our time / making us time poor

How we can analyze our time to find more of it

How to build smart routines to make this a way of life

There never seems to be enough time. Managing our time poorly has more consequences than just not getting as much stuff done.

Time-poor people experience less joy each day. They laugh less. They are less healthy, less productive, AND more likely to divorce. In one study, time stress produced a stronger negative effect on happiness than unemployment.

So what do we do about it? How do we reclaim our time to reduce stress and live a happier, more fulfilled life? Well, that’s what we’re talking about today.

Our guest is Ashley Whillans, the author of TIME SMART: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life. She is also an assistant professor at Harvard Business School and a leading scholar in the time and happiness research field. 


Show Notes:

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