020: How to Boost Your Professional PR Reputation

04.05.2017 - By Pitching PR

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On this episode of Pitching PR, I get the opportunity to speak with Crosby Noricks, the founder and director of PR Couture. We discuss ways in which PR professionals can boost their reputation. Specifically, we talk about branding and raising your profile by applying to PR awards. Growing up, Crosby loved fashion and wanted to find a way to incorporate that into her career. She found that PR was the best way to pursue her interests and particularly enjoyed creating business strategies. Her successful digital and traditional marketing track record include leading both in-house and large agency teams where she got to spearhead the social and digital footprint for brands like Charlotte Russe, Creative Nail Design (CND) and Sutter Home. She created PR Couture, a platform where she could pursue her specific interest, which was and is Fashion PR. Join us as she describes her professional journey and how PR Couture has boosted her professional profile. Topics: Thinking about/pursuing long-term career goals Personal branding online and offline How to build your professional reputation Thinking of reputation building as delivering value Launching the Bespoke Communication Awards and why awards play a role in branding Tips for streamlining the application process for awards Repurposing content to your advantage Elevating your reputation through generosity  Resources: PR Couture PR Couture email Bespoke Communication Awards Crosby Noricks’ Website PR Couture on Instagram [email protected]  

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