#68. How to Break a Habit in 66 Days

06.19.2022 - By A Voice and Beyond

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Do you have some kind of limiting behaviour or habit that is holding you back and it’s preventing you from moving forward in your life? There’s no denying that we all are, indeed, creatures of habit. Our minds and bodies are dependent on stimulants, actions and patterns that come to define who we are. Usually, these habits are sneaky behaviours that develop subconsciously and quietly creep up on us. So whether it’s trying to quit smoking, cutting out junk food, or having that glass of wine, habits can be hard to control, but even harder to break. Every action comes from an original thought pattern. Therefore, if you really want to break old habits, create new ones, and have a total lifestyle transformation, you will need to change more than just your habits. It will require a shift in mindset and in this episode, we’re going to share how you can work towards creating that shift in 66 days. It’s been scientifically proven that we need to make a commitment for 66 days toward habit installation and in today’s show, we discuss ways to remove that habit and create a new default behaviour. These ideas may seem very simple, but are truly very powerful, and can apply to most kinds of habits. As humans, we have the ability to adapt and take a habit out of our lives, and it’s time to learn how you can rewire your brain, install a new habit and it get into a CAN DO attitude in 66 days. In this episode
01:10 – Do you have a limiting behaviour?
02:09 – Habit vs Routine
05:50 – What is a Habit?
06:18 – Routine Triggers
09:16 – Be Obnoxious (Days 1 – 22)
10:04 – Share with others
11:28 – Self-Analysis (Day 22 – 44)
13:15 – Become the person of your dreams
15:07 – Find the Light (Day 44 – 66)
16:04 – Shifting your mindset
17:50 – Own your experiences

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