How to Change Your Life and Business in the Next 12 Months

04.15.2021 - By The Product Boss Podcast

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Ep. 250: As we're headed into Q2, now is the time to reflect on the year so far and start vision casting on how to move forward through the rest of the year as a product-based business owner. Say it with us: "This is the year I will change my life AND my business!" Today we're focusing on creating a plan for the rest of the year that aligns your actions to meet your dream life. Get ready to move forward with focus, determination, and clarity for the rest of the year and beyond! Links mentioned:  [FREE WORKSHEET] How to Change Your Life and Business in the Next 12 Months The Product Boss Podcast: Ali Kriegsman Co-Founder of Bulletin Multi-$tream Machine [Join the waitlist now!] *Shopify [Grab your 14-day FREE Trial of Shopify here] *ROLLO Label Printer *ROLLO Generic Labels *ShipStation [Get a 30-day free trial here!] *Please note we decided to become affiliates of the partners above because we LOVE them so much. We wanted to be able to offer our community and listeners discounts, free trials, and more by partnering with these brands. And we only partner with brands we actually use. We may earn a small commission as affiliates of these brands at no additional cost to you. -- Brought to you by the Shop 1 in 5™ Pledge! Commit to making 1 in 5 of your purchases from a small business, online or "offline". The Shop 1 in 5™ Pledge is a way to make an impact together when (and where) it matters most. Join us and take the pledge today! -- Click here to listen to The Product Boss Podcast on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. We would be so grateful if you left us a review on Apple Podcasts. Your reviews help us to grow our listeners and to continue to bring you helpful content for free every week. Just click here to review, Select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” Let us know what you love hearing on the podcast. Can't wait to hear from you. Thank you so much! xo, Jacqueline and Minna

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