How To Coach Your People

10.07.2021 - By The Look & Sound of Leadership

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A no-nonsense leader is asked to add coaching to her list of duties. She turns to the coach who’d coached her for a quick immersion course.  Coaching your people requires a shift in thinking and a specific set of behaviors. These ideas are captured in a PDF about the GROW model. It’s available to you for free here. This month we are offering three free mini-courses. Come join us! Demystifying Workplace Conflict Understanding Yourself and Others (DiSC) Get 15% off your registration with either of these courses by using the coupon code PODCAST at checkout. Offer applies to your first registration. The Look & Sound of Leadership Get 50% off our flagship course with the coupon code LEADERSHIP at checkout! During the episode, Tom and Laurel mentioned Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High. A great skill-building resource.
This episode lives in three categories in the Podcast Library: Management Skills Perception – How you Perceive Others Relationship Building.
Five related episodes you might listen to are:  132 – Coaching Your People  91 – Facilitating Open Dialogue    155 – The Human Element 83 – Leadership and Listening   26 – Questions as Leadership You can explore more ideas about coaching your people on Dave Stachowiak’s Coaching For Leaders podcast. Episode 190: How to Improve Your Coaching Skills. Tom raved about Dave’s conversation with Connson Locke. That’s on Coaching for Leadership, Episode 546: How to Speak Up. 
Catch Tom answering coaching questions on the Unlocking Leadership – Ask the Coaches podcast.

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