How to CONTROL Your MIND to Get Anything You Want! - with Ed Mylett

01.14.2019 - By THE ED MYLETT SHOW

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If you TAKE CONTROL of your thoughts, you can alter the direction of your entire life! Are you wanting to break through a barrier that is holding you back from finding success? Do you KNOW you are so close to winning but need a small shift in your mindset to put you over the edge? The difference between winning and losing is SO SMALL that it's scary to think about and it all has to do with CONTROLLING YOUR THOUGHTS. In this episode, I'm sharing with you exactly how to control your thoughts and ALTER THE MOMENTUM OF YOUR LIFE! The BRAIN is the MOST POWERFUL organ in the body. It is a weapon! When you first UNDERSTAND how your brain works, you can then shape your brain to manifest more success, more joy, more happiness in EVERY area of your life. If you are ready to TAKE CONTROL of your life... If you are ready to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to attract joy, happiness, and success... If you are ready to finally #MAXOUT your Mind and completely alter the direction of your life... THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!

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