How to Create Friendships That Help You Become Your Real Self, with Lori Harder

04.30.2018 - By Pursuit With Purpose

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When I first met today’s guest Lori Harder, I never thought that she had struggled to find real friends in her life. That’s because on the outside, Lori’s life is about a perfect as they come. She has a massively successful fitness and personal development business, she sells out her 500-person conference every year and she lives in a gorgeous house in Santa Monica. Lori also has a great husband who I also know (and was a past guest on this podcast). To top it off, she basically looks like a supermodel! So it’s easy to peg Lori as someone who hasn’t struggled a day in her life, but as a listener of this podcast you already know that’s never the truth. I am so grateful for friends like Lori; people who grow up in abusive households and who felt like they never fit in, spending much of their lives feeling worthless and unloveable. These are the people who have transformed their pain into something beautiful and are now on a mission to heal others from their pain too. In this interview, Lori and I chat about what it was like for her growing up feeling misunderstood for the first few decades of her life. We also dive into the concepts behind her new book, A Tribe Called Bliss, which is all about finding and creating a deeply connected circle of friends. I love Lori’s surprising advice when it comes to relationship building, and I always appreciated her transparency, wisdom and humor.

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