How to deal with competition (Throwback)

02.16.2021 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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Gems are timeless... Check out today's throwback episode: How to deal with competition ... Is it normal to feel insecure with competition? How do you deal with it? What if you've got someone chasing your spot.... and it just happens to be a friend or a teammate? What do you do in this situation? In this episode, I break down how to deal with situations like these, and come out on top. Time Stamps: (1:53) The inspiration behind today's episode - shoutout to Stan! @stanrybarz(4:38) Competition can cause insecurity (6:00) A reality check and reminder that we are as human as the greatest sports legends (12:45) #1: Embrace the feelings of insecurity (13:54) #2: Clearly define your process for mastery (14:45) #3: Invest deeper into your process (15:31) #4: Vent, often (22:08) #5: Embrace opportunities that you need to compete (24:08)

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