How To Deal With Disgruntled In-Laws

08.02.2021 - By Betches Brides

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Jordana and Nicole are back this week and they start off with a few updates on their own weddings before diving in to some listener emails! First up, they breakdown an email from a listener whose in-laws have been very cold to her and she's unsure what to do about it. After that, they discuss another email about a bride who is dealing with too many people wanting to give speeches at the reception, making her concerned about how long they might all take. Then, another listener writes in about her how sister is getting married and wants her to give a wedding speech, but she is completely at a loss for what to say since she does not approve of the groom. Can she just not mention the groom at all during the speech? At the end the episode, they play a round Unpopular Opinions brought to you by High Noon Hard Seltzer, this time tackling ugly chairs, digital save the dates, and rehearsal dinners. Be sure to visit to find out more about their delicious hard seltzer!

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