How to Deal with Feeling Anxious

02.25.2022 - By THE BRENDON SHOW

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Sometimes, our minds can cause us more distress than pleasure. In this episode, discover how to deal with stress and worry. “One way to overcome anxiety is to first identify what areas you don’t feel as capable in, then start asking where you’ve been capable in the past, and finally get support or mentorship in order to get back there. Sometimes all we need to know to overcome anxiety is that we’ll be supported.” If you'd like better control of your mind and emotions, this episode is for you. 1. Get the GrowthDay app for all your personal development in one place: 2. Read my bestselling book, High Performance Habits: 3. Get the High Performance System online (the full course and assessment!): 4. Follow me on Instagram: 5. Text me at 1-503-212-6125!

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