How to deal with regret ("I could've done more")

10.29.2019 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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So you've decided to hang up the cleats, the spikes... you're done with your sport... but for some reason you feel depressed. You can't watch your sport, and you find yourself obsessing over all the mistakes you've made, and how it could have been so different.   I can relate 100%. The problem is, if you stay there, you're going to only end up feeling more of what you feel now.   In this episode, I show you how to (very practically) attack this challenge, and how to use your past to make you better than you've ever been.   Time Stamps: (1:22) My feelings of "regret" with my time in the NFL   (4:52) What game were you playing?   (5:21) What do you REGRET?   (6:14) Talk about this, often.   (7:12) Be able to answer this set of questions...   (10:32) Don't run from your failures, mistakes, and shortcomings.   (13:11) TRANSITION into a new game.   (15:36) Set aggressive goals and establish a new purpose for this new game.   (16:00) Identify a clear-cut process for your new game.   (16:56) Apply all lessons from your old game, to your new game.   (18:31) Share as often as possible.   (19:35) Stay LOCKED IN to your life right now.   (22:48) The time is NOW.

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