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"Marriage is a beautiful thing, if it is done right. To have that kind of companionship and support, it will literally feel like a precursor to paradise in this world". - Sheikh Musleh Khan
Joining us on the show today is Sheikh Musleh Khan. Sheikh Musleh serves as one of North America’s youngest Imams at the Islamic Institute of Toronto and does a wide range of work including relationship and marriage counseling.In this interview, we tackle the million dollar question - how to get married along with related topics such as readiness for marriage, what to look for, managing pressures associated with this search and more.
Questions Asked:
- Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
- How do you know you are "ready" for marriage?
- The great search - how do we find someone to get married to?
- Why is it that we struggle to get married in the first place?
- How does dishonesty play into finding a spouse?
- How can we cope with the pressure and expectations to get married?
- How do you deal with comments such "you're getting old, expiring, when are you getting married" etc?
- There may be conflict between parents and child, preventing them from getting married, what are your thoughts on this?
- If someone comes up to you asking whether they should get married or complete their studies, what would you say?
- So you are talking to a potential spouse, are there any signs of dishonesty that you should look out for?
- Top 3 recommended books
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