How To Go From Broke To Billionaire – Andres Pira (Ep. 218)

04.09.2019 - By Elite Man Podcast

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Andres Pira, billionaire founder and CEO of Blue Horizon Developments and author of the book Homeless to Billionaire, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Andres shares his incredible story from being broke and homeless at age 20 to being a billionaire by age 35. He covers the turning point in his early 20’s where he came across a book that would forever change the course of his life. Andres dives into what he did to apply the concepts of the book into his life and how he used the power of his mind and beliefs to transform himself from not having a home to being able to have just about any home in the world. If you’re wondering how you too can change your fortunes in life, no matter how down and out you may be, check this episode out now! *Download this episode now and subscribe to our channel to get more of these amazing interviews! In our episode we go over: The secret that Andres discovered that took him from being homeless at 20 to a billionaire at 35 His rough life living in Sweden and why he chose to leave for good at age 19 What Sweden is really like and whether or not social has worked there Whether or not Andres believes he could have become a self-made billionaire if he stayed in the socialist climate of Sweden The book that changed Andres’ life and the fact the he originally thought the message of the book was completely ridiculous What this powerful and mysterious book was Setting out to prove the book was bullshit and instead realizing that he was completely wrong The first thing Andres did to test the power of using his mind and actually transform his reality for the better How one cup of coffee completely changed Andres’ belief in the law of attraction and what was really possible in life Why time is irrelevant in the universe and why you can’t expect certain things to happen in a certain time – but having faith that they will happen How the law of attraction really works Andres’ next visualization and the next thing he manifested from his mind into reality The biggest mistakes people make when it comes to attracting the things they want in life Using all your senses when you visualize the things you want Andres’ visualization techniques and the method he developed for manifesting the incredible things he’s obtained over the years Seeing yourself having success, being happy, and having the things you want in life How Andres began cultivating his wealth and actually getting off the streets How Andres made his first million dollars The millionaire morning routine that Andres has and how it helps him live the life he wants and currently has The power of gratitude and the healing power it can have against pain Why Andres has his employees jump out of airplanes and what this has done for him and his team Check out Andres on: Website: Facebook: Book:   Homeless To Billionaire Sponsors: *Our brand new Turmeric Curcumin is now available! Go to to order now. * Have you joined the Elite Man Newsletter yet? If not, get on it now! Go to and sign up to get special Elite Man content not seen nor heard anywhere else. Get all of our bonus podcast information, sneak peaks into upcoming shows, behind-the-scenes content, special offers, and exclusive Elite Man updates you won’t find anywhere else. I’m telling you if you’re not on our newsletter yet you’re missing out. Go to and become a true member of the Elite Man Community. I look forward to speaking soon. *Subscribe to our YouTube channel by going to right now!

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