Ep #244: How to Go From Property Manager to Multifamily Owner and Syndicator — with Adam Adams

08.27.2019 - By Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow Hosted by Kevin Bupp.

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In this episode of Real Estate Investing for Cashflow, Kevin welcomes his good friend, Adam Adams, otherwise known as Adam Triple A Adams. Adam is a real estate expert and founder of Real Blue Spruce. Adam is also a fellow podcaster, the co-host of The Creative Real Estate podcast.

In this podcast, Adam talks about his interesting background, how he made a million dollars for his boss in a span of twelve months, and how he eventually focused on multifamily syndication after the financial crisis.

Kevin and Adam discuss multifamily investing and what it takes to succeed in that niche and in other asset classes as well. Adam also breaks down their team’s management structure and strategy at Real Blue Spruce. He also talks about strategies on how to find and properly contact brokers in a given market.



“If you want to get into multi-family and you’re thinking ‘it’s too competitive, it’s too this or too that’, you’ll definitely not do too well at it but if you go into it focused on ‘how can I? What are the ways to do this? How can I align with somebody who’s already doing deals..?’”

“Make sure to learn and educate yourself about the asset class and if you’re tenacious enough, you can build a team.”

“When you’re on the buying side of things, getting in and getting your first deal done whether it be mobile home parks or multi-family or shopping centers, what have you, you could pick any asset class, there’s always an opportunity out there and it’s your job to get in front to that opportunity, be prepared when it presents itself.”

“If you can align yourself with a really good broker, and you’ll give them all the parameters and they can actually print you out something, pages and pages of information which can be a really good resource.”



6:30 Adam’s background and how he got into multifamily investing

11:05 Adam’s work as a property manager

16:16 Is it advisable to get into multi family real estate?

21:30 The team aspect of the business

27:56 Improving and over-improving facilities

39:34 How to find and contact brokers


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