013 - How to Link HR Management with Driving Customer Service in your Business

07.03.2015 - By Engage - The Human Resource Podcast Show

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In episode 13 of Engage, Alistair discusses the importance of linking HR management with customer service in your business.

Businesses invest in developing their employees, either via internal or external courses, but often don’t measure the effectiveness, or check this training is embedded.

Via HR management, you can ensure customer service training is embedded and that your people deliver the great service your customers expect, ensuring you get the value from your training.

A good way to measure the effectiveness is to carry out observations, ensuring your management team are trained and there is a framework to carry out observations. You want to catch people doing the right things, and give them feedback, but you also want to ensure anyone not doing what you expect that you can tackle this as quickly as possible. In doing so, your staff are aware you are observing them and this all helps drive customer service.

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