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Sister, I’m making a ton of money by living in my purpose. Like, more money than I’ve ever made. In the month of June I made almost as much as I made in all of 2020 (details on how much that actually was in the episode!) Do you want to know a secret? …you can also make a ton of money by living in your purpose. It’s true! I’ll even take it a step further – you DESERVE to make a ton of money, and you deserve to be PAID for your purpose. For your contribution. I WANT you to make a ton of money. I want us ALL to make tons and tons of money because I have realized that when women run the world, everyone will be better off. Today’s episode is all about: The money I’m making, how much I’m making, and how I’m doing it. My new realization of what my true purpose is. Why money is critically important, and how you can do so by making a difference. All the ways you can be in my energy right now, to get out there and make BANK doing what you LOVE. The concrete steps you need to take (that I have also taken!) to make money with your purpose. Connect with Carin Rockind: Follow Carin on Instagram ( Sign Up for Goddess Getaway MIAMI or Goddess Getaway PARIS! (  Join the PurposeGirls Facebook Group ( Subscribe to the PurposeGirl Newsletter ( Visit The PurposeGirl Website ( Buy Carin's Quote Book – Wonderful You!  ( Thanks for listening, love! Let’s change the world. Go to Apple Podcasts and leave a 5-star review and subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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