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What's How to Money about?

Joel and Matt are best friends who love craft beer and talking about money! Joel has spent the past decade working as a producer for consumer advocate (and money genius) Clark Howard, while Matt has taken the entrepreneurial route and started a small photography business. They both have growing families and a small portfolio of investment properties in Atlanta. They both love finding interesting ways to cut costs and save for the future – and, of course, they enjoy drinking delicious beer along the way. While finding creative ways to save money is practically their pastime, Joel and Matt still strive to live a rich life in the areas that matter.

They're no Ira Glass, Mr. Money Mustache, or Tim Ferriss; but that’s why Pour, Not Poor was started – to tell money stories that matter with a touch of self-experimentation! Joel and Matt believe that when you decide to handle the money you have in a purposeful, thoughtful way that works for your lifestyle, you can really start living a rich life.

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