How To Not Get Sick And Die

By Matty Lansdown

What's How To Not Get Sick And Die about?

Health information delivered in a fun, entertaining and sometimes controversial way but always covering both sides of the conversation. These 30-60 minute shows cover all of the angles you never knew mattered when it comes to health and wellness. Along with our guests we discuss emotional eating, sugar cravings, cancer, diabetes, alternative medical modalities, food as medicine, regular medicine & disease and psychology. The host, Matty Lansdown is a scientist, nutritionist and an emotional eating coach and loves busting food myths and revealing the truth about our health, medical & food system which often shocks even the most open minded people.

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Have you tried meditating many times before now? If you’re like me then you’ve done a lot of meditating and it didn’t really do much. It may bring temporary relief but generally speaking, it doesn’t change or heal your painful ...

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