How To Overcome Addiction, Anxiety, And Depression, And Live Life Without Fear– Sam Morris (Ep. 220)

04.23.2019 - By Elite Man Podcast

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Sam Morris, recovery coach and addiction consultant, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Sam talks about his story of suffering from addiction for a number of years, hitting rock bottom, and finally pulling himself out of his deepest, darkest hole. He covers a myriad of fascinating topics whilst sharing his redemption story including battling his inner demons and overcoming severe anxiety and depression. Sam covers the steps he took to take his life back and beat his horrible addiction to both alcohol and cocaine, and what he learned on his journey in regard to self-discovery and empowerment. If you’re wondering how you or someone you love can beat addiction, anxiety, or depression too and take back their life, check this episode out now! *Download this episode now and subscribe to our channel to get more of these amazing interviews! In our episode we go over: Sam’s addiction to alcohol and cocaine How his addiction started and how long it lasted The fact that addiction can hit anyone at any age, and at any time Whether or not Sam believes there is an addiction gene and how this might factor into who becomes an addict The epidemic of painkiller abuse and its unbelievably addictive tendency Sam’s insecurities growing up and the constant sense of fear and anxiety he had from a very early age His horrible allergies that left him unable to breathe when he was younger and how this dramatically affected his life Dealing with this pain later on in life, in unhealthy ways Being able to temper your drinking when you go out Why so many people cannot just have 1 or 2 drinks when they go out How Sam got over his social anxiety How he was able to get past going out without drinking Overcoming anxiety and depression Realizing that other people don’t give a shit that you’re not drinking The rock bottom point that made Sam realize he finally had to quit dinking How to know if you or someone you love actually has a real problem (the warning signs)Why people deny and try to hide their addiction, even to themselves What Sam did in rehab to finally beat his addiction How long his rehab lasted and what he did when it was done Sam’s life after rehab and how he continues to be sober How Sam helps others overcome their addictions and stay clean The power of having someone coach you and keep you accountable when trying to achieve a goal in life Check out Sam on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Sponsors: * Have you joined the Elite Man Newsletter yet? If not, get on it now! Go to and sign up to get special Elite Man content not seen nor heard anywhere else. Get all of our bonus podcast information, sneak peaks into upcoming shows, behind-the-scenes content, special offers, and exclusive Elite Man updates you won’t find anywhere else. I’m telling you if you’re not on our newsletter yet you’re missing out. Go to and become a true member of the Elite Man Community. I look forward to speaking soon. *Subscribe to our YouTube channel by going to right now! * This episode is brought to you by Away. For 20 dollars off a suitcase, visit and use promo code eliteman during checkout! Is it possible to have a perfect suitcase? With my Away luggage I think I’ve found just that. Away uses high quality materials while offering a much lower price compared to other brands by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you! All of their suitcases are made with premium German polycarbonate, making it both incredibly durable but also very lightweight. The interior features a patent-pending compression system, helpful for over-packers like me. They also have four 360-degree spinner wheels which guarantee a smooth and versatile ride and a TSA-approved combination lock built into the top of the bag to prevent theft. And, lastly, and probably my favorite feature of all, is their charger that comes equipped with the suitcase that’ll charge your cellphone, tablet, and any other USB device, like my iPhone up to 5 times from one single charge. For people like me who always have their phone dying at the most inopportune times, this is fantastic! The Away suitcase is sleek, clean, lightweight, strong, and an overall must-have when I’m on the go. I absolutely LOVE my Away suitcase. With free shipping to all 48 contiguous states, a lifetime warranty if anything ever breaks, and a 100 day trial period to test it out yourself, you have to take them up and get yourself an Away suitcase today. For 20 dollars off a suitcase, visit and use promo code eliteman during checkout! That’s and the promo code “eliteman” to get $20 off!

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