How to Remember English Vocabulary

02.25.2022 - By Learn English with Bob the Canadian

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One of the most frustrating things about learning English is when you know a word the day you learn it, and then a few days later, in an English conversation, you forget it. In this English lesson I'll give you some good solid tips on how to remember English vocabulary after the first time you learn it. Using these tips, you'll be able to not only learn lots of new words and phrases, but you'll be able to remember them the next time you need to!

There are several strategies that will help you remember a word. One is to practice on multiple days, another is to make sure you use reading, writing, listening, and speaking as you learn words and phrases so you engage all of your senses. In this lesson I'll explain both of those techniques, and more! In this lesson I'll give you a total of six strategies. If you follow all of them I guarantee you'll be able to remember English vocabulary way better!

I hope you enjoy this English class on how to remember English vocabulary!

Have a great day!

Note: This is the audio portion of a Youtube English lesson which you can watch right here: or find by searching Youtube for, "Bob the Canadian Remembering Vocabulary"

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