How to Remodel Yourself, Speaker & Transformed Mommypreneur, Carrie Wilkerson

11.01.2019 - By 10,000 "No" s with Matthew Del Negro

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Carrie Wilkerson forgets just how much she has transformed, but she went from twice her current size, weighing 266lbs and feeling lethargic, to being what I describe as "tiny" and an absolute ball of fire when it comes to energy.  Her father always taught her, "if you can find a way to get paid for talking, Baby Girl, you will have it made!"  And she has taken that to the bank, speaking regularly in front of large arenas and smaller groups.  She has also written books and consults business-owners, giving back some of the hard-earned wisdom she gleaned building her businesses from home while raising four children.  Carrie sits down with me and brings tons of  humor and multiple lessons about transformation, the balance of work and family, and the value of knowing your worth and demanding your proper price.   SHOW NOTES: Having been 266 lbs. in the past, describes an experience she had "when your body transforms before your brain does", (4:14). Encountering moments that resurface from having been extremely overweight, (6:43). “I didn’t start losing weight to look better. My body chemistry was out of whack. My self-image was out of whack. My energy was crazy low. I was 29 years old at my heaviest with two little kids.”, (10:43). Fighting against depression and the extra production of estrogen from fat, (11:40). Telling herself that she has to be the best role model for her children, (13:05). Being the only survivor out of her mother’s 8 pregnancies, (14:50). Taking care of two toddlers and one of them with special needs while making a business, (20:00). “I’ve had people that I call ‘health arrogant’ or ‘thin arrogant’, who ask ‘How does that even happen?’”, (20:53). Experiencing her mother trying to help her to lose weight because she was fighting her own weight herself, (21:50). Being thrown on stage at church by her father who was a pastor, (23:45). Teaching journalism at high school prior to starting her business, (25:20). Creating a home-based business and making speeches to market, (25:45). Receiving a phone call from a sales conference to speak at, (27:00). “It comes to what your core values are and what you want to protect.”, (31:09). Setting her fees properly with core priorities and what it is worth to be away from her life at home, (31:33). “When somebody wants me to come speak for free, I have to imagine them reaching into my wallet or bank account and pulling out $1000.”, (33:00). Knowing your own price integrity, (33:28). Experiencing 11 years of ‘No’ pregnancy tests, (36:30). Choosing to adopt her first two children because of growing up with adopted siblings, (38:40). Delivering at 268 lbs. and having kidney stones while she was pregnant, (39:44). “You have to take the criticism or the evaluation or the feedback, discern what is true and what is not for you at that moment, work on your craft or maybe know who your audience is in your business.”, (42:00). Keeping in mind that a ‘No’ might mean it wasn’t the perfect role for that time, (44:20). “Here’s how you deal with ‘No’s. They are not ‘Now’s. It’s just the unfinished word. It’s a not ‘Now’.”, (46:20). Telling her Junior High self that it doesn’t matter what others told her, (49:00). “One of other thing that helps me tackle ‘No’s is taking charge of the situation.”, (50:20).   LINKS: Website: More On Carrie Website: Carrie's Motivational Speaker Site Carrie's Book: The Barefoot Executive Twitter: @CarrieWilkerson Instagram: @CarrieWilkerson   RELATED 10,000 “No”s EPISODES: Ep 74: From Obesity & Brain Tumor to Nike Athlete, Grammy Award Winner Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley Ep 9:  Beyond Everest, World Class Climber & Best Selling Author Alison Levine Ep 73:  Best Selling Author/Speaker/Pro/College Sport & Fortune 500 Leadership Consultant, Jon Gordon, on Grit, Attitude & Faith Ep 7:  Train Your Brain, Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher, Amy Budden Ep 46:  Sh*t You Don't Learn in College, Zander Fryer   If you like what you hear, please Subscribe, leave an iTunes review and spread the word. You can also listen to all episodes at          

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