How to Sell Your Expert Knowledge via Udemy w/ Mike Adams [RED 287]

04.29.2021 - By RED - The Marketing Podcast For Experts

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There is a lot of junk "information" online and some sites seem to have more of them than others. Whether you're looking at a free site, like YouTube, or a paid site, like Udemy, chances are that you're going to have to weed through a lot of noise to get to something that's really helpful. To record this podcast, I use a program called Audacity. Although I've been using it for about 20 years, a new version just came out and I was looking for information on one of the new features. That's how I found Mike Adams' Audacity Bootcamp. This course changed my opinion of Udemy. It's an amazing value for under $20 and it shows the potential of the platform, for both students and creators. On this episode, I talk with Mike about how he used his knowledge of audio to create this course and what he's done to market it. If you've thought about putting your specialized knowledge online, you'll get a lot out of this. In This Episode: Getting started on Udemy Organizing your "big idea" into a course Putting your course together – what you need What people look for in a course Your teaching style One BIG course or several smaller courses? Which is better? Pricing your course on Udemy Learning as you go... How to get people to take a chance on a new Udemy course What to do if you get lost... Connecting with other course creators If you've got specialized knowledge you want to package and sell as an online course, listen up.  Help Your Expert Friends Reach More People... If you like RED Podcast, subscribe now and you'll never miss an episode. And if you really like RED, I'd appreciate you telling a friend (maybe even two).

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