How To Stop Panic Attacks, Anxiety, And Claustrophobia For Good – Tom Bunn (Ep. 230)

07.02.2019 - By Elite Man Podcast

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Tom Bunn, licensed therapist, author, regular contributor to Psychology Today, and a former U.S. Air Force captain who flew the Air Force’s first supersonic jet fighter, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Tom talks about his incredibly effective method for lowering anxiety, stopping panic attacks, and getting over the fear of claustrophobic places. Tom shares his unique perspective as a former Air Force pilot and later as an airline pilot who was able to help countless passengers fly without fear and how he developed a very effective approach to conquering your fears. If you’re wondering how to use your mind to get past anxiety, end panic attacks, and remove any bit of claustrophobia you may have, check this episode out now! *Download this episode now and subscribe to our channel to get more of these amazing interviews! In our episode we go over: Tom’s experience in the Air Force and flying the first supersonic jet fighter What he learned about fear and panic attacks from flying How he came up with his system for helping other people get over their fears The fact that planes are some of the safest places to travel in and how they almost never crash The power of the hormone oxytocin and why it’s the key to beating your fears Summoning up good memories and what this does physiologically Linking good memories, one after the other and how this shifts your brain from a worried brain to a happy brain How to link your good memories to produce good chemicals like oxytocin Why preparing for an event beforehand is the secret to having the success when it happens Unconscious procedural memory and how this works Training your mind to know what to do automatically in a high-stress situation Desensitization and whether or not this is effective Activating your parasympathetic nervous system Why the memory and feeling of nourishing a child is one of the most powerful memories you can have Summoning up other powerful memories like having great sex The similarities between Tom’s technique and NLP The success rate of approximately 80% that Tom has and why he feels that this number could go up to close to 100% if given enough time The power of the mind and what it’s truly capable of How to overcome anxiety, panic, and claustrophobia for good Tom’s final message for anxiety and panic sufferers Check out Tom on: Website: Book:   Sponsors: *Follow Justin on Instagram at *Today’s episode is sponsored by my friends over at Simple Habit, the creators of one of the coolest and most effective meditation apps I’ve ever used. You guys know I love meditation. I talk about it on the podcast ALL the time, I bring on guests who share different meditation practices, and I’ve used and tried so many different meditations myself. Every day in fact I meditate because, well, I just love it that much! I’ve tried dozens and dozens of apps, mp3s, and programs in the past but I’ve got to say Simple Habit is right at the top of the list for favorite ways to meditate. Simple Habit has hundreds of meditations available for free and thousands with their premium subscription. And there’s over 100+ experts on these meditations so you don’t get tired or bored with hearing the same voice over and over. And one of the things I love most about Simple Habit is that they have specific meditations for specific problems such as getting over stress, focusing better, helping you go to sleep, kickstarting your morning, and so much more. It’s not like so many other meditations that can quite frankly get old and tiresome really fast, Simple Habit has SO many different things to do and it keeps you very engaged and wanting to do more. Not to mention they also have cool walking meditations, commuting meditations, work meditations, and even meditations for when you have to do the dishes! And, did I mention, many of these meditations are short and to the point, taking up only about 5 minutes of your time! Yup, Simple Habit is truly a game-changer in the meditation space! For 30% OFF their Premium Subscription go to right now and get started! But make sure you go now as this offer will be gone soon and is limited to the first 50 Elite Man listeners who act fast! That’s! *Subscribe to our YouTube channel by going to right now!

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