How To Use Your Secret Alter Ego To Transform Your Life – Todd Herman (Ep. 212)

02.26.2019 - By Elite Man Podcast

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Todd Herman, top performance coach and bestselling author, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Todd talks about using the power of secret identities to transform your life in just about every way. He goes over why alter egos can dramatically help us perform better, the science behind this, and the process for creating your own powerful alter egos for any avenue of life. Todd shares how he’s created his own alter egos in life and how they’ve been a complete game-changer for him. If you’re wondering how to transform your life using the hidden powers already inside you, check this episode out now! *Download this episode now and subscribe to our channel to get more of these amazing interviews! In our episode we go over: How Todd Herman came across the alter ego effect Cicero’s first mention of the alter ego effect and how he described this powerful psychological phenomenon Why having an alter ego is the exact opposite of being fake or inauthentic How Todd has been able to tap into the alter ego effect and codify it for others The fact that everyone has used an alter ego in their lives already Why some people forget about their alter egos as they grow older The fact that we have multiple self identities in our lives What stepping into your alter ego self actually looks like Using a totem or an artifact to initiate the transformation from your average self, to your heroic alter ego self Why this totem or artifact anchor works so well Todd’s alter egos and some of the incredible secret identities he’s uses in his life Todd’s alter ego named Super Rich and what people a pair of glasses on his face does for him Bo Jackson’s experience using alter egos during his playing days Kobe Bryant’s alter ego the Black Mamba The science behind why the alter ego effect actually works The similarities between using an artifact or totem and creating an NLP anchor on your body Stepping into your alter ego without using a physical object The true power of using alter egos and what this can do for your life once you start implementing them all the time Check out Todd on: Website:  Book: Facebook:  Sponsors: *Have you tried our newest Elite Life Nutrition supplements yet? Yup, that’s right, we’ve got two new products! Milk Thistle and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), the two best supplements in the world for your liver! Both of these babies are incredibly nourishing for your liver and can help with the natural detoxification of so many toxins from the air, water, and food that you eat. We’re constantly bombarded with toxins, and unfortunately it only seems to be getting worse. This means your liver is working harder and harder without getting any support! And that’s why I’m so happy to bring this milk thistle and NAC to you guys! I’ve been taking both of these supplements every day for the last few years and I absolutely love them! Especially after a night out of drinking one too many. And yeah there’s been a fair share of those nights over the years… but don’t tell anyone! Anyways, to help support your liver, your natural detoxification, and your immune system get yourself one or BOTH of these fantastic supplements today. Go to to visit our full products page or go to or for the NAC and Milk Thistle products respectively. * Have you joined the Elite Man Newsletter yet? If not, get on it now! Go to and sign up to get special Elite Man content not seen nor heard anywhere else. Get all of our bonus podcast information, sneak peaks into upcoming shows, behind-the-scenes content, special offers, and exclusive Elite Man updates you won’t find anywhere else. I’m telling you if you’re not on our newsletter yet you’re missing out. Go to and become a true member of the Elite Man Community. I look forward to speaking soon.

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