HtbaS 349: Going Back to the Beginning with Allison Rosen

10.22.2020 - By Hip to be a Square Quilting Podcast

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To celebrate the 10 year podcastiversary of Hip to be a Square, I brought on special guest and the reason I got into podcasting, Allison Rosen from Within a Quarter Inch. Catch up with Allison and I in a slightly more-personal-than-quilty discussion about crafting, kids, digital learning, divorce, the pandemic, home improvements, really detailed crafts, floods, and more.  Find Allison on YouTube or Instagram,
Note: When we give a quick “where are they now” recap at the end, I totally left out Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner! Katie is living her best, cutest quarantine life with her new husband, corgis, and a set of roller skates. Sorry Katie!
Explicit tagged because we drop the “s” word about 2/3rds in. Also, this was recorded over Skype, so the sound quality is a little tinny to my ears. Hope you enjoy the content regardless!

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