E997: HubSpot CEO & Co-founder Brian Halligan shares insights on the origin of inbound marketing, how The Grateful Dead inspired HubSpot, importance of customer experience, managing employees in the G

11.05.2019 - By This Week in Startups - Video

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0:52 Jason intros Brian Halligan
1:35 Brian describes how his job has changed as HubSpot has scaled
3:33 Jason asks Brian about buying Jerry Garcia's guitar "Wolf"
4:42 Jason & Brian reminisce over Grateful Dead shows at Giants Stadium
6:36 How the Grateful Dead pioneered "Inbound Marketing" & inspired HubSpot
15:24 How Brian met his Co-founder Dharmesh Shah
17:04 The original idea behind HubSpot
19:18 Ray Ozzie's impact on HubSpot & Brian
25:34 Benefits of introversion
30:06 Succession planning in tech
33:24 Avoiding pot-holes as CEO
35:18 Importance of customer experience in 2019
38:45 Examples of creating a great end-to-end customer experience
49:43 How Brian keeps himself sharp & motivated
52:45 Managing employees from different generations in the "Glassdoor Era"

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