Human-Centered Machine Learning

By Halmstad University

What's Human-Centered Machine Learning about?

In this course we will explore the challenges presented when designing AI-powered services. In particular, we will take a look at Machine Learning (such as deep learning and generative adversarial networks), and how that can be used in human-centered design of digital services. This course is created for User Experience (UX) professionals, Service Designers, and Product Managers as a way to help take a human-centered approach to AI in their work. The course is also useful for developers and engineers who want to both learn more about different Machine Learning techniques, and at the same time get a deeper understanding of the importance of a human-centered approach to digital design. The podcast is developed by Pontus Wärnestål, Stefan Byttner, Cristofer Englund and Jeanette Sjöberg at Halmstad University in Sweden, and is financed by VINNOVA. Music by Lee Rosevere. Read more:

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Bonus Episode: Halland Tech...


Den 13 maj 2020 anordnades Halland Tech Meet, ett digitalt evenemang som samlar företagsledare, forskare och andra aktörer i Halland med fokus på digitalisering, teknologi och innovation. I detta avsnitt samtalar Anita Sant'anna (Research on the Go, och gäst i ...

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