I Had An Abortion When I Didn't Want To

10.24.2017 - By The Work of Byron Katie

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A woman resents her husband because she feels he pressured her into having an abortion. BK: Get still. "You didn't want to have an abortion"--is it true? Woman: I only have yes or no? BK: That's it. Woman: I want a disclaimer (laughing). Yes. BK: How do you treat your husband when you believe the thought "I didn't want to have an abortion"? Woman: I blame him. I treat him with suspicion. I question his motives at every turn. BK (to audience): I invite you all to get out of your head as she has. Be courageous enough to ask, get still, and see what arises to meet the question. (To woman) Who would you be, living with this man for forty-one years, without the thought "I had an abortion when I didn't want to." Look at the difference in your marriage. Woman: We'd both be free. BK: What is the cause of your suffering? Woman: The thought, for sure. BK: Turn it around. Woman: I did want to have an abortion. BK: Feel it. Take responsibility for it. You've been trying to get him to do it for forty-one years. You've been putting that thought onto him for four decades. Woman: It feels easier to blame him than to take responsibility. BK: No one can change my mind. You can talk all you want; My mind shifts or it doesn't. I can never say someone made me decide anything. There was a moment where I believed what I believed and made a decision. That was all mine—I'm 100% responsible. © 2017 Byron Katie International, Inc. All rights reserved.

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