Season 2 Episode 19: I Only have Eyes for You with Guests Kathleen and Maggie O'Neill

12.08.2016 - By Black Mirror Library

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Is it love or obsession? Either way this love must be a kind of blind love and dead or alive these eyes are only for you. Sha bop sha bop. On this episode we have the pleasure of discussing this vintage spookfest with visiting babes and mother and daughter duo the insightful Kathleen and the hilarious Maggie O’Neil! Listen as we discuss the misogynistic tradition of the Sadie Hawkins dance, gruesome murders we didn’t know about, and some erm off color jokes that are probably as tasteless as cafeteria snake food.

One correction I have to make is when I said The Last house on the Left I MEANT The Last Podcast on the Left. Sorry new listener to the podcast!

Suggested Talking Points:
Fresh Toddlers, The Humiliating Tradition of Dances, Lady Rage, Apologies for Being a Woman, My Favorite Murder, Gorey Architecture, Chicago connections

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