Episode 98: "I Think It Would Make It Move"

07.04.2012 - By Up And In: The Baseball Prospectus Podcast

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0:00 Welcome
3:42 Housekeeping
4:41 Emails
41:39 The Dodgers sign Puig and what this all means
46:15 Trade deadline previews - Greinke and Hamels mania
54:46 What could go wrong, Smoak and Teheran editions
1:08:04 Futures Game preview: Players we want to see
1:33:06 Special Guest: Jeff Luhnow, GM, Houston Astros
1:55:07 Musical guest: Black Wine
1:56:22 A special edition of What Are You Drinking?
2:03:24 Tales from out trip to Texas
2:10:21 The Week Ahead - KC preview

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