016: I Will Go Back to Being Me

07.27.2016 - By Stripcast: True Stories from a Stripper with a PhD

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What’s up, dudes? Thanks for tuning in to Stripcast True Stories From a Stripper With a PhD.   Today’s episode is about prestige...walking away from it and refusing to disappear.    After spending 12 years getting three degrees, I realized that my dream of becoming an intellectual artist and cultural influencer weren’t going to be realized teaching Freshman Composition.   That is when I walked away, and took the biggest risk I have ever taken on: becoming Lux ATL.   You can connect with Lux on Facebook at facebook.com/lux.atl or follow Lux on Instagram @lux_atl.   If you enjoyed these true stories from a stripper with a PhD, feel free to share or leave a review on iTunes. You can learn more about Lux ATL and subscribe to her newsletter at LuxATLSpellBook.com 

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