If You Had Unlimited Funds to Alleviate the Opioid Epidemic, How Would You Spend It?

11.06.2018 - By Opiate recovery podcast

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Listen in to this opiate recovery support group as they answer the question: "If you were in government and had unlimited funds to address the opioid epidemic, how would you spend it?"

Discussion Guide:

Would you share your recovery story and opinions on podcast for the world to hear?

Could you overcome your fear of judgment and make your story public?

Would you be surprised to know that complete strangers are supportive and would pray for you?

If you were in government and had unlimited funds to address the opioid epidemic, how would you spend it?

Money can't fix everything. What efforts would you recommend that don't cost money?

Listener Email:

Hi Gail (Gayle?) –

I’m the epidemiologist who wrote you some months ago about the podcast. You let me know (as you do on every podcast) to feel free to write if I have “a question for the group.” Well, now I do.

But first, I want you to know that I continue to listen to every podcast, and have shared them with colleagues and friends. They like them as well, so please don’t stop.

I have come to truly appreciate the intelligence, humor, and honesty expressed by the members of your group. It is inspiring. I still often think of the podcast dealing with suicide, the stark sadness of that very thin line between addiction and suicide. And I have come to feel like I know some of the regulars, almost as friends. (I knew, KNEW, Jason was going to say he would sell his FitBit to the dumbest, richest person he could find!) I am not a religious person, but know that I often ask God to watch over all of you as you make your ways through this tough life.

My question is this: If you were in state government and had boatloads of money to spend on the opioid situation, how would you spend it? It is probably best to spread it around a bit, so I’m not looking for one solution. But don’t let that confuse the issue. (I’ll be listening to the answers.)

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

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