IFB127: High ETF Fees, Diversifying in the 11 Sectors, Lazy or Uninterested?

11.14.2019 - By The Investing for Beginners Podcast - Your Path to Financial Freedom

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Andrew:                              00:35                     All right folks, we’ll welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast. This is episode 127 tonight, Andrew and I are going to take some listener question and answer them for you. If you are enjoying this show please subscribe for future shows. We’ve got some great questions recently, and so we thought we would read through those and do our a little back and forth and give and take. So Andrew, why don’t you go ahead and read us the first question.

Andrew:                              00:57                     Sounds
good. So this one’s from Stefan L. He says, I’ve been following your podcast
and your newsletter for about two or three months now considering signing up
for your Eli there, but first and they work out the best way to invest in the US
market from abroad. He says, I live and work in Bulgaria. He says I’m
interested in investing in the S and P 500 during the dollar-cost averaging
with monthly installments of about $300; however, the options to buy an ETF
from a local broker are terrible. They want to charge me 4% commission plus
$2.20 per month plus bank transaction and currency exchange fees, which roughly
amounts to six and a half to 7% given that the average growth ofS and P 500 is
around 8% of the year, I can hardly make any money in the long run.

Andrew:                              01:44                     Have
another option to buy stocks slush funds through interactive brokers where I’ll
costs amounts of two and a half to 3% however, based on the audiobooks that
I’ve been listening to money mastering the...

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