010: I'm With Her...Logo

10.12.2016 - By Pitching PR

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The format for today’s minisode is a little different than usual; I have decided to forgo inviting a guest and instead will briefly discuss the 2016 US Presidential Election from a graphic design perspective. It should be noted that this episode contains some explicit content (we are dealing with Trump here) so consider this warning and listen at your own caution!   Today, I get into the current presidential election from the perspective of graphic design; namely, I discuss campaign logos and the strengths weaknesses of their design. It is interesting to dissect something as powerful or off-putting as a campaign logo and I go into detail about the pro’s and con’s contained therein. Listen in as I explain why I’m With Her...logo.   Topics:   The Hilary “H” logo and personal branding  George W. Bush’s branding  Why having a simple logo is wise  Hilary gets social  The functional aspect of the “H” logo  Trump/Pence campaign’s initial, now-defunct logo   This podcast is courtesy of Pitch Graphic Design, a Toronto based design firm, whose goal is to provide quality graphic designs for Public Relations Agencies. If you would like to get in touch with Pitch, please fill out the contact form.   Links and Resources:   Pitching PR Mainpage  Pitch Graphic Design on Instagram  Pitching PR on iTunes  Hillary Clinton’s Official Campaign Website  Donald Trump’s Official Campaign Website  The old Trump/Pence logo 

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