Impeachment & Election on a Collision Course; Bloomberg to the Rescue?; RIP GOP Dignity; Public Hearing Preview; Whistleblower Fight

11.10.2019 - By SE Cupp Unfiltered

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You can sum up the environment in Washington with this analogy... Two giant freight trains were bearing down on Trump all week: Impeachment & 2020 Trouble. The GOP is reeling from testimony transcripts and Tuesday's election losses, but Democrats have to keep their eyes on the 2020 prize. Not just any Democrat can't beat Trump, which brings us to Michael Bloomberg, who's gearing up for a potential run. Several GOP lawmakers exchange dignity for Trump support-will it work for Jeff Sessions? Ways & Means Committee member Rep. Dan Kildee gives SE a preview of what to expect next week with the impeachment inquiry going public. Trump and Republicans demand the whistleblower's identity be released-the media's not biting.

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