In The Arena

By Cathilea Robinett and GOVERNING Magazine

What's In The Arena about?

Host Cathilea Robinett pursues her guests’ personal backstories to understand what they bring to public service. Their stories – personal and professional – help explain their devotion to serving In The Arena, with all that President Teddy Roosevelt described as the “triumph of high achievement” and when “the doer of deeds could have done them better” in service of “a worthy cause.” She speaks to an array of people, including elected and appointed officials, to glean how their values, passions, lived experiences, choices, and even eccentricities helped them live and work more productively, with a mix of courage, compassion and creativity.

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Kirsten, Superintendent of ...


Kirsten Baesler has a deep commitment to empowering students and a passion for raising the standards of education. She grew up in a family of seven and was always told, "It's not a question of if you can serve, it's ...

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