Including Your Loved Ones In Your Wedding

04.12.2021 - By Betches Brides

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Jordana and Nicole are back this week to discuss an important topic: how to include your love ones in your wedding when you aren't having a bridal party. First off, a listener writes in about how to include her finances sibling in the wedding when they have decided against wedding parties. Jordana and Nicole go through a list of options of how to accomplish this during the ceremony as well as different options thought the day. Then, another listener writes in about a tricky dilemma, having two friends who are getting married in the same weekend and how to best support them both on their big days. Lastly, Jordana and Nicole tackle a 3rd email about a bride-to-be whose father passed away and is at a loss about how to handle the mother-son dance between her fiancé and his mother. To end the episode, they go through another another round of Unpopular Opinions, this week about engagement photos, big weddings, and first looks.

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