Season 2 Episode 40 - Indivi Sutton

11.24.2020 - By Art Wank

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This week we spoke to Indivi Sutton who grew up in New York and has had the most amazing art education from her family and going to a Steiner School.  Indivi is inspired by still life but has changed her practise to simplifying the colour and the form and focusing on the stains.

You can find out about Indivi's artwork on her website

Or check out her Instagram

Indivi's work is based around memory and feeling

Indivi has studied at Rhode island Summer of Design in New York

Indivi has been studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney college of the Arts

Indivi is the assistant with Antonia Mrljakart

Antonia is in a shared studio area with
Alan Jones
Ashley Frost

Indivi talks about her materials she uses pigments her favourites are Langridge

Indivi is inspired by Rothko;=en&q;=rothko+painting&ie;=UTF-8&oe;=UTF-8
and Cy Twomby;=en&q;=cy+twombly&ie;=UTF-8&oe;=UTF-8

If like us you did not know the The light and
Space Movement of the 1960's -

Larry Bell
and James Turell

Thanks so much for a great chat .. looking forward to the show at St Cloche.. 

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