Inhale Love, Exhale Pain w/ Lukis Mac & Hellé Weston #338

12.01.2021 - By Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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Breathwork, when done correctly, is one of the world’s most powerful healing modalities, period. And Lukis Mac and Hellé Weston are two of the most epic breathwork guides and stunning human beings I have ever met. In between offering their Owaken Breathwork method to A-list celebrities and biker gangs alike, they joined our Fit For Service community and led us through a journey. It was mind-blowing to say the least. In the deeply personal conversation you’re about to hear, we talk about their challenging backgrounds, which led them to develop their own breathwork healing modality, and receive the wisdom they have collected over thousands of @owakenbreathwork sessions. Stay tuned in to the podcast for when they offer a guided session and follow along for a taste of the experience.


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