Insulin Resistance, PUFAs and Diabetes

09.01.2021 - By Cutting Against The Grain

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In this episode, Laura and Judy talk about insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalances.Insulin ResistanceCause of Insulin Resistance (PUFAs vs. Sugars)Feeding ChildrenWhy Seed Oils (Vegetable Oils) are ToxicType II Diabetes and Insulin ResistanceInsulin Resistance and the Need for Digestive Enzymes How to Check Blood Sugar How Food Affects Blood SugarsBioindividuality MattersBlood Sugars in a Healthy Person vs. a DiabeticNutrients Depleted with Higher SugarSugar and Gut HealthGluconeogenesisDifferent Forms of Stored Energy The Endocrine System and High Blood SugarChromium, Vitamin C and SupplementsIodine and Sole WaterInsulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Dysregulation SignsMarkers for Insulin ResistanceInsulin Resistance vs. Insulin SensitivityStress, Cortisol and Systemic InflammationRESOURCES: Benjamin Bikman’s Insulin Resistance book: Acid Profile Interview:; 3 / Omega 6 Test: Oil: Noakes: Sugar, The Math: Dangers of Sugar: Cure Book: C and Glucose Receptor: different energy forms: and Cortisol: Tissue Mineral Test: over to and get 15% off your first order. Promo code CATG

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