Intentional Motherhood: Communicating Your Family's Mission | Ep. 46

01.11.2017 - By Risen Motherhood

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So maybe YOU know your mission is to point your kids to Jesus, but do they? Just as God gave clear, overarching missional statements to his children, we can provide direction through the intentional act of writing a mission statement for those in our care. In this episode, Emily and Laura discuss the why (and how) of writing a family mission statement with your husband. Even if all you do is take time to get on the same page with your spouse, determining your family's ultimate mission helps you stay focused on what really matters in your mothering. Like what you hear? Visit for links to additional articles and resources on this topic. Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@risenmotherhood) to find more encouragement and truth on how to be an intentional mother that cares for and loves her children with eternity in mind. And if you get a chance, we'd love for you to subscribe and/or leave a review in iTunes!

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