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What's Internal Medicine Q Bank|ABIM & USMLE 3 about?

3mdiagnostics is soon launching 'daily mcq poll with Sunday diagnostic tests ' The mcq discussions will be integrated with online live discussions| we also offer Internal Medicine PODCAST for U.S resident physicians | A modern platform that delivers an exciting approach to apply , consolidate and conceptualize Internal Medicine in the most precise way ever to be established|The concepts and content discerned for MCQ's, clinical case practice as well as spot diagnosis , algorithm and concept notes are genuinely referred precisely from up-to-date , NEJM and BMJ manual | Each concept discussed on M1 platform is accurately engrossed | |The daily evaluation on our twitter platform is a head away strategy developed to help candidates make the absolute best out of our relied preparation | Our prime goal is to upgrade the candidates level of attempting an MCQ ,to extract a scale that hits the board exams with unbreakable confidence | |Daily practice of clinical cases ignite an indelible breakthrough performance in your 3 year residency tenure | The method discerned for MCQ application is accurately in accord with new ECFMG guidelines and real exam simulation| Our clinical cases emphasize on concepts based on additive medical history & P.E,initial & confirmatory diagnostic studies, most sensitive and most specific tests,complication,risk factors,poor prognosis,treatment,alternative treatment,treatment C.I,medical decision making | Become a member of our executional platform right from today:)|ENJOY OUR SUPER FAST TECHNIQUE !!!|Appointments & e-meetings are decided a week prior |

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