Interview; Lisa Romanek

03.12.2012 - By The UFO Show: With Aaron Moriarity

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Join Me and Lisa Romanek as she talks about her new book, "From My Side of the Bed" Pulling back the covers on Extraterrestrial Contact A Spouse's Point of View. Lisa has been through it all and has amazing stories to tell, Stories that add light and clarity to her Husband, Stans accounts. Lisa Romanek has crafted a fun to read, funny, sad, terrifiing and beautiful! The emotional side of the story as only Lisa can tell. This is a very important book! Get it, gift it, make it a best seller! Filled with as much photos and evidence as it has emotion. Just in time to help us learn what Lisa has learned, how to, "Live without fear, love without limit." Lisa Romanek.  Get ready to be blown away, wake the kids, get the neighbors, do not miss this show!

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