Interview with Traditional Medicinals

05.10.2020 - By Plantbased, Not Perfect

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On this episode I interview Zoe Kissam, an herbalist for Traditional Medicinals, on all things herbs and teas, plus the many health benefits associated with different herbs. From Zoe's journey to finding herbalism and falling in love with the Traditional Medicinals brand, to what an herbalist does in a day, we "herb nerd" out in this episode on all things herbs, teas and health. Traditional Medicinals is a leading seller of wellness tea in the U.S. and is an OG tea company that been around since the 70's. TEAS MENTIONED / Trouble falling asleep - Nighty Night Tea (Valerian based) Staying asleep - Original Night Night Tea Female Issues - Irritable (Stress Ease Tea) / Water Retention (Weightless) / Raspberry Leaf & Female Toner Tea (Menstrual Regulation & Cramps) Anxiety - Stress Ease Tea Occasional Stress - Chamomile with Lavender, Cup of Calm, Cup of Sunshine, Lemon Balm Tea Digestive Issues - Belly Comfort Tea, Gas Relief HERBS MENTIONED / Nettle Leaf - when in doubt use nettle! Joint Health & kickstart stagnation in the body Hibiscus - supports cardiovascular system. Helps to lower blood pressure! Peppermint - Digestion, Bloating, Gas, Indigestion Roasted Dandelion Root - Coffee alternative with no caffeine, supports the digestive system and the body's natural detoxification system Mother's Milk - supports new mom's & helps support new mom's breast milk production, helps with hydration Stalk me @hautehealthy Check out Traditional Medicinals

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