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What's Iraqveteran8888 Gun Gripes about?

The popular "Gun Gripes" series from Iraqveteran8888 is now in podcast form! Listen in on your drive, while at the range or while you are working. As one of the longest-running 2A advocacy shows on the internet, Gun Gripes is also available on YouTube in video format. Eric began this series at Moss Pawn & Gun with our good friend Barry, a huge voice and wealth of knowledge in the 2A community who unfortunately passed away in 2014. Gun Gripes continues to this day with Eric's longtime friend and co-host Chad and other special guests. Currently in its ninth year with plenty more to gripe about.

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Gun Gripes #337: "H.R. 1808...


This bill bans almost all semi-automatic firearms including rifles, handguns, and shotguns. H.R. 1808 has passed committee and will be headed to the House floor for a vote soon. TAKE ACTION: SUPPORT US BY SUPPORTING THESE GREAT COMPANIES: ...

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